Bringing the magic to premium

We started by reimagining ridesharing. Now, we’ve redefined premium with Lyft Plus, a new ride experience centered around comfort and unprecedented affordability. See what premium looks like from today forward.

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100% customized for comfort

Settle into complete comfort with our fully customized 2014 Ford Explorers. Featuring three rows of quilted, diamond-stitched leather seats, the vehicle seats six. So, friends welcome.

A vehicle of delight

When it comes to delivering delight, we go the full mile. Under-car LEDs illuminate when your ride arrives, while a custom grille displays our signature ’stache in brushed steel.

One tap is all it takes

Request your first Lyft Plus ride in the app. As always, a reliable ride is a quick button tap away.

Premium. Affordable. Always.

We’ve redefined what premium means and costs. Lyft Plus promises the most affordable premium option, so you’ve always got the best deal.