Why RIDE with Lyft?

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A new RIDE in Boston.

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Lyft is bringing safe, on-demand ground transportation to customers of THE RIDE, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s (MBTA) paratransit service. 
Previously, these trips were required to be booked a day in advance. Now, eligible customers can sign up to enjoy our ridesharing service and request a ride in real-time.
Sign up to join our new pilot program. After you submit your information, Lyft and the MBTA will verify passengers' eligibility. Eligible customers will receive an email with next steps to formally enroll in the program. 

Manage travel easily

Get rides for every occasion.

Daily Commutes
Door-to-door rides for morning and evening commutes.
Meetings and Events
Reliable transportation for company parties and conferences.


As an eligible RIDE passenger, you'll get Lyft rides for as little as $2.


Request a ride from anywhere, and get matched with a local driver at the tap of a button.


Whether you need help booking a ride over the telephone, or need to request a vehicle with a ramp - we've got you covered.

Passengers pay the first $2, and the MBTA will pay up to $40 of the passenger’s trip. Any additional fare will be paid for by passengers. Rides can be requested through the Lyft app or over the telephone via the Lyft's Concierge call center.


No matter where work takes your team, you can give them some of the best ground transportation in town. We're excited to build better ground transportation with you.

Let's redefine business travel

Learn why

Easy expensing has arrived.

Keep your ride receipts and payment methods organized with a business profile.

Create a business profile
Late Night Rides
A safe way to get home when your team works late.

Add ridesharing to your business travel program.

Door-to-door rides for morning and evening commutes.
Daily Commutes
Errands and Activities



Enjoy the freedom to get where you need to go  now.


Reliable service means you’ll never miss a doctor’s appointment again.
Medical Appointments
This is a pilot project that will last no longer than 12 months and is only available to eligible customers of THE RIDE. The MBTA reserves the right to limit or cancel this pilot program at anytime. 
In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Federal Transit Administration guidance, customers are eligible for ADA paratransit some or all of the time if any of three general conditions are met:
1. The customer cannot independently navigate the system – examples of this might be a cognitive disability, a vision disability that makes travel to unfamiliar or complex locations difficult, or a lack of balance/dexterity that requires a seat to ensure safe travel.
2. Inaccessible vehicles or stations – although all MBTA buses are accessible, not all trains or stations meet ADA standards. The system map indicates stations that are fully accessible.
3. Barriers to vehicles or stations – lack of accessible sidewalks, curb ramps, terrain or other environmental obstacles may make use of fixed route services impossible for some customers.

THE RIDE Eligibility


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